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Carry Flor has developed the concept “Rack Jobbing” for selling flowers and plants within retail. This selling requires specific knowledge and skills that are not always present in a supermarket. Also, it concerns fresh products where the risk of waste is an important factor.


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Advantages for the shop:
- The rack jobber is only paid based on the actually sold goods
-The retailer does not need to invest in people to manage the department
-The retailer does not bear the risk of any unsold goods
-The retailer does not need to invest in space to manage any stocks
-The retailer can rely on the knowledge and experience of the rack jobber


“Rack Jobbing is a concept in which the supplier is responsible for managing the shelf in the store. The rack jobber goes regularly to the store to control the stock and to take care of the presentation. He is paid based on the actual sold goods, which means that the unsold goods are returned and not invoiced.”

Many retailers are using this type of concept and this for various products (books, beauty products, greeting cards, etc.). Rack Jobbing is an interesting way to offer a wider range of products and in doing so presents a better choice to the consumer.

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